Should I buy an RTX 3090 or wait for the RTX 4090?

Should I buy an RTX 3090 or RTX 4090?

Without a doubt pc gaming fans are wondering should I buy an RTX 3090 now or wait to buy an RTX 4090? And I’m sure we’ve all seen videos tackling this issue and I’m sure I can provide a new perspective that I don’t anyone else providing.

Things to consider when purchasing Nvidia’s latest flagship GPU:

  • Number One – Can your pocket afford the RTX4090. Inflation is here and the cost of everything has gone up. I would hate to see anyone ruin their financial situation over a GPU. Remember even though RTX 3090 stocks are improving that does not mean that scalpers are going anywhere. Scalpers know that pc gaming fans want the new RTX 4090 therefore they are gonna try to take advantage of that.
  • Number two – There is a good chance Nvidia will discontinue that their 30 series cards to make way for their 40 series cards. If we go back to when the 30 series cards leaked many people thought Nvidia would discount their 30 series cards by about 30%. And from a pc gaming fan’s perspective this makes sense. We are all hoping for best and seeing the potential in everything but the truth is we need to remember that Nvidia is a business and all businesses need to make a profit and if making a profit means forcing gaming fans to purchase their new flagship GPU at ridiculous prices then that is what Nvidia will do. Nvidia has already proven that pc enthusiasts are will to pay $1500 Usd or more for their flagship GPU’s. So if the rumors are true or close to being true that the rtx 4090 is twice has fast as a rtx 3090 then we can expect the rtx 4090 to be $1500 usd and above, easily.
  • Number three – Will you have to upgrade your pc case and power supply at a minimum? And what I mean by that, are those the only two components that you need to upgrade? If so then then you are keeping your number of upgrades to a minimum and your wallet will thank you. Now you need to figure whats the best and biggest case for your budget with the most airflow. The reason I say what is the biggest case is simply because the RTX 3090 is a behemoth and the RTX 4090 will also be a behemoth. Next what is the best power supply you can purchase? Remember to never cheap out on your power supply. A cheap power supply can fry your entire system. A good power supply will help you save on electricity. Power supply’s range from 80 plus to 80 plus titanium. With an 80 plus PSU being the least efficient at 80% at maximum load and 80 plus titanium being the most efficient at 94% at maximum load.
PSU Load80 Plus80 Plus Bronze80 Plus Silver80 Plus Gold80 Plus Platinum80 Plus Titanium

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