How to find out what motherboard you have

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To find out what motherboard you have download a program called CPU-Z. Install CPU-Z. After installing CPU-Z select the option at the top of the menu that reads “Mainboard”. Once you have selected “Mainboard” you will notice the information that CPU-Z is displaying has changed. Navigate to the second line that reads “Model”. Here you will see the name of your Motherboard. And just above “Model”, you can see what company manufactured your motherboard.

How to download CPU-Z

CPU-Z is a small program that outputs detailed information about your computer. Some of that detailed information is what motherboard you have. To download and install CPU-Z  head on over to the CPU-Z website. Now scroll down a bit to where it says “Classic Version” on the left side of your screen. And select the first option that reads “SETUP ENGLISH”. This will bring you to the download page. On the download page select the option that reads “DOWNLOAD NOW!” 

NOTE: Depending on how quick your internet is your CPU-Z should download within 1-5 minutes.

How to install CPU-Z

Once CPU-Z has downloaded you will want to double click on the downloaded file. Double-clicking on the downloaded file brings up the installer. The first thing the installer will prompt you to do is read the License Agreement. Simply accept the agreement and then click on “NEXT”. Next, the installer will ask you if you want to create a desktop shortcut to CPU-Z. If you do want a desktop shortcut to CPU-Z then go ahead and click on “NEXT”. If you do not want a desktop shortcut then untick the box that reads “Create desktop icon” and then click on “NEXT”. The third step in the installer is to finally install CPU-Z. Click on “Install” and wait for the installation process. The installation process is a quick process taking less than 5 minutes. Once the installation process is done you will be prompted with one more action to perform. This fourth step will ask if you want to read the read me file for CPU-Z if you are inclined to read then go on ahead, it won’t hurt. If you do not want to read the read me file then untick the box that reads “View cpuz_readme.txt and lastly select “Finish”.

Congratulations you have successfully installed CPU-Z!

How to use CPU-Z to find your motherboard model

Locate CPU-Z on your desktop and double-click its icon. Once CPU-Z loads and opens up you will see that it has a menu located at the top. The third tab on that menu reads “Mainboard”, this is the option that has detailed information about your motherboards such as model and manufacturer. Click on “Mainboard” to see your motherboards model. In the example I have provided you can see that the motherboard model provided is “B450 TOMAHAWK (MS-7C02)” and the manufacture is Micro-Start International CO. Ltd. This manufacturer is usually referred to as MSI in the tech community. Other Motherboard manufacturers are ASRock, Asus, Biostar, EVGA, Gigabyte, and many more.

Select Mainboard from the top menu
Select Mainboard from the top menu. Mainboard is the third option from the left
What motherboard do I have?
What motherboard do I have? Here you can see your motherboard model.

What to do with your motherboard model?

Once you have your motherboard model you can head on over to the manufacturer’s website to download any necessary drivers you need as well as the manual for your motherboard. Below I will list the websites for motherboard manufacturers.

List of motherboard manufacturers

Click the name of the motherboard manufacturer website you wish to visit. If your motherboard manufacturer is not listed below then you can simply google the name of your motherboard manufacturer along with the word motherboard. An example has been posted below to assist you.







Search for motherboard manufacturer website
Use Google to find your motherboards manufacturer’s website.

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