Don’t leave your computer unlocked

dont leave your computer unlocked

Why is it important to lock your computer?

Whether you use your computer for personal use or work-related use it is a good habit to lock your computer. Computers usually store sensitive information like passwords, pictures, videos, etc. It is important to give sensitive files the importance they deserve. It only takes a couple of minutes for sensitive files to be copied from your computer onto a USB flash drive. Documents and pictures usually aren’t large files and can be copied in under 2 minutes easily. This goes for both home computers and work computers.

How to lock your computer/Setup Dynamic Lock

Hold down the Windows logo key  + L key at the same time to lock your computer and then as soon as you return to your computer you would simply input your password to unlock your computer.  It is that easy. Another way to lock your computer is with Dynamic Lock. Dynamic lock is available for iPhone users and Android users. Dynamic lock works by connecting to your phone through Bluetooth. Once the Bluetooth connection between your computer and smartphone is established then your Windows 10 computer knows that you are nearby but as soon as the Bluetooth connection is lost your Windows 10 computer will lock itself, preventing any nosy people nearby from taking advantage.

Dynamic Lock

Setting up dynamic lock is easy. 

  • Press your Windows logo key
  • In the Search bar type “Dynamic Lock”
  • On the left side of your screen select “Sign-in options”
  • Then look for the option that reads “ Dynamic lock” and under that, you will see a square with a message next to it that reads “Allow Windows to automatically lock your device when you’re away”. Select the square to enable Dynamic lock.
  • Next, if your smartphone is not already paired to your computer via Bluetooth then select the option that reads “Bluetooth & other devices”. It is located right under the previous option you just selected.
  • Now, Windows will ask you to select which nearby Bluetooth device you want to pair. Select your smartphone.
  • Now that your smartphone is paired to your computer via Bluetooth there is nothing is to do. Dynamic Lock is now setup.

NOTE: Dynamic lock does take 30 seconds to kick in once your Bluetooth connection has been lost.

How long is it ok to leave your pc unattended and unlocked?

Leaving your work computer unlocked is not a wise choice. Your work is sensitive and it helps you earn an income. If your stepping away for a couple of minutes to use the restroom and to get a drink then you should lock your computer. Plenty can happen in a couple of moments. If you are working remotely at home and live alone then leaving your computer unlocked will seem like a sensible choice but remember that there is nothing wrong with locking your computer even if you live alone. You never know if your next job will not be remote. 

Now, personal computers that are not used for work can be left unlocked and unattended especially if you live alone. However, if you have kids living with you or clumsy adults then you might want to consider locking your computer if you plan to leave your computer unattended for long periods of time. It is best to keep your personal computer safe whenever possible.

How to Change your lock screen image

Changing your lock screen is an easy process that anyone can do as many times as they please. Below are the steps to changing your Windows 10 lock screen.

  • Right-click on any empty space on your desktop.
  • Select the option that reads “Personalize”
  • A new window will open. To the left of that window that the option that reads “Lock screen” and now you can see a preview of your current lock screen.
  • Under the preview for your lock screen, you will see a pull-down menu that will give the option of selecting what your new lock screen image will be. The first option will be Windows spotlight. This option is controlled by Windows 10 and it changes on it is own. The second option is “Picture”. This option allows you to select one picture to be your new lock screen image. You can choose from the pre-fabricated images Windows 10 has or you can select the “Browse” option to select one of your own pictures. The third option is “Slideshow”. This option allows you to add the folder where your pictures are held and use them as a slideshow.

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